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This is a systemic disease, so its manifestations are very diverse. They can be divided into several groups corresponding to the phases of the development of the disease: extraintestinal symptoms. intestinal manifestations. Systemic manifestations (lesion of the musculoskeletal system, nervous, respiratory, genitourinary and cardiovascular systems of the body, as well as eyes).

It is believed that the disease begins precisely with extraintestinal symptoms, and the pathology and dysfunction of prevacid pills develops later. Of the characteristic features are noted: fever (rise in body temperature to subfebrile, and sometimes febrile numbers - 37-39 degrees); lymph node lesions (locatedin the abdominal cavity, axillary and other groups); migrating pains in the joints, constantly changing their localization (pain occurs in one or the other joint); swelling and swelling of the affected joints, their pain on palpation; pain and tightness in the muscles (moreover, pain sensations appear not only during movements, but also at rest); wet cough with mucus discharge; pain in the chest.

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frequent light stools (diarrhea), up to 10-15 times a day, characterized by an unpleasant odor, with a high content of undigested fats, which is manifested by a greasy coating; increased gas or bloating (flatulence); abdominal pain that worsens after eating; malabsorption of nutrients in the small intestine (the so-called malabsorption syndrome develops); the result of the above symptoms is a pronounced weight loss in the patient (and in the absence of the necessary therapy, this symptom progresses), as well as hypovitaminosis and protein deficiency.

In the process of progression of the disease, patients have symptoms indicating that other organs and systems of the body have joined the pathological process. The clinical picture may include a number of signs: Since the disease is manifested by damage to several body systems, the diagnosis of Whipple's disease should be comprehensive and include, in addition to examination, both laboratory and instrumental research methods.

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A biopsy of the small intestine tissue is of paramount importance in making a correct diagnosis. Pieces of the mucosa are taken from the postbulbar intestine during fibrogastroduodenoscopy (endoscopic examination of the stomach and the initial sections of the small intestine). Whipple's disease is established on the basis of Lansoprazole pills of a histological examination of the biopsy. Conducting an endoscopic examination of the small intestine is the most informative way to make a diagnosis in Whipple's disease.

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If during the course of an illness a person develops irreversible changes in the body, for example, polyarthritis, heart damage, pronounced digestive disorders, then the question of disability arises (this must be decided individually with the doctor in each case). We can say that the immediate prognosis for the patient in most cases is favorable. It is more difficult to assess the long-term prognosis, it depends on the frequency of relapses and possible complications, as well as on whether the patient adheres to the proper treatment regimen.

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Without fail, the patient is prescribed to undergo a control study of saliva to identify the infectious agent of the disease (by PCR) in the middle and end of the course of treatment.

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Also used for therapeutic purposes: hormonal drugs (for anti-inflammatory effect); vitamins (groups A, D, E, K, B12, folic acid); iron preparations (with iron deficiency anemia established in a patient); triglycerides (Portalac, fatty enpit) to replace the lack of fat. The prognosis for recovery with proper treatment is positive. In this case, therapy usually takes at least two years.

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The infectious nature of the disease determines that the treatment regimen is always based on the use of antibiotics, most often these are tetracycline drugs. If progressive disturbances in the processes of absorption and digestion of food are detected, enzymes are prescribed, such as Pancreatin, Panzinorm, Mezim-forte.

A competent doctor will certainly conduct a thorough survey of the patient: he will ask in detail about complaints, the history of the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, the presence of diseases and pathologies of the digestive organs in the patient's relatives.

Computed or magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen, kidneys and adrenal glands, joints, etc. X-ray examination of the intestine (most often performed with contrast - an aqueous suspension of barium sulfate, which the patient drinks before the procedure).